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Thank you for your commitmentn to staying up-to-date with government and school news and Shelby County history. The Addison Times was founded by Kristiaan Rawlings in 2015 and once offered a weekly print edition (Saturday Shelby). The current iteration includes timely coverage straight to your inbox at midnight.

From the Editor:

Quality, broadly distributed local news that strives for accuracy is critical, and often missing in the current national landscape. More than half of the country’s 3,143 counties either do not have a local news source or have only a single outlet. As a Shelby County native, I want us to maintain quality, niche news options, therefore, the weekday Addison Times - which includes local government and school news, obituaries, This Day in Shelby County History and more - is free.

In order to sustain and keep local news ad-free in 2024, memberships will soon be made available. Benefits include: weekend (Saturday and Sunday) digital editions, the new, quarterly print Addison Times magazine mailed to your home and the ability to participate in chats with the editor while he covers select government and community events.

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